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How Important is Cardio ft. Beast Chintu – Fit Raho Mast Raho (2019) | S01 E11 | Male Fitness Episodes | RFE TV

Thursday, 25th April 2019, Chandigarh | RFE TV 📺

A cardio routine makes us burn several calories, speeds up our metabolism, thus helping to shed body fat.
Even though you know that you need cardio exercise, but do you how to do it properly or know when to stop?

Watch the episode How Important is Cardio ft. Beast Chintu in S01 E11.

You are watching How Important is Cardio ft. Beast Chintu on Fit Raho Mast Raho (2019) | S01 E11

Presenting for the first time ever - the raw, uncut truths about the male body and secret tips on staying fit with 'Fit Raho, Mast Raho', featuring Chintu aka 'The Beast'!

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