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Badalti Soch – Short Film on Woman Empowerment | RFE

Badalti Soch is a beautiful, heart touching & thought provoking story on saving the girl child. "Save The Girl Child"
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No change is complete before both men and women, fifty fifty partners in any given society take part with equal heart. Badalti Soch is one attempt at showing the positive change on what it takes to reverse the skewed girl child ratio and establishing women to their rightful place!

Give women all the love and care they need when they start a new journey that of a mother...
Balwant and Rajjo are expecting their first child. Would the ages old diktat of 'son' being valued over 'daughter' cast its shadow over them? Or would he be 'man' enough to give his wife the kind of care that she needs. For any positive change to occur in society, both men and women should walk hand in hand is what makes for the theme of Badalti Soch.

Listen to the beautiful poetry on girl child "Badalti Soch" penned by Gurpreet Waraich.

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