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Learning the Names of Exercises ft. Beast Chintu- Fit Raho Mast Raho (2019) | S01 E28 | Men Health & Fitness | RFE TV

Monday, 10th June 2019, Chandigarh | RFE TV 📺

You've come across a Pinterest workout sheet which promises good results for your goals. You can't wait to go to the gym and try out this new exciting regimen!

But hold on... what are upright extensions? Side laterals? Renegade push-ups? A fly? Sounds like military slang!

Don't get overwhelmed - simply learn what the exercises are and learn their names!

In this season finale, Beast Chintu talks you through the importance of learning the names of different workouts.

Watch the episode now!

Presenting for the first time ever - the raw, uncut truths about the male body and secret tips on staying fit with 'Fit Raho, Mast Raho', featuring Chintu aka 'The Beast'!

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