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Rolling Frames Entertainment is a freshly brewed content- driven platform for ‘video content’, serving entertainment through videos and stories revolving around the published video content. We are now a Digital Video Entertainment network platform – homegrown and handcrafted in The City Beautiful – Chandigarh.

Please add to your press list. We’d love to include all the upcoming ‘indie videos’ and content considered as ‘offbeat’ that may or may not lie within the scope of the mainstream publishing satellite, print and online media.

Be it Indie short films, documentaries, campaigns, book launches, interviews, events & happenings that concern the Chandigarh region, we wan’t to make sure, with your support, we’re covering it all.
We press stories that are ‘strongly driven by videos’.

Additionally, we’d be happy to run any recent press releases, that concern

  1. Independent Cinema
  2. Short Films, Documentaries, Vlogs
  3. Exclusive Content Driven through videos only (indie entertainment, club launches, indie events, community programs)
  4. Exclusive interviews driven through talk shows
  5. Campaigns that matter to the region.

The platform aims to create space for content driven by individuals & organizations striving for a streaking video content-driven visibility in the region.
We are fearless and strongly moderated to bring out the best content and ‘hatke‘ storytelling.

Where we benefit

  1. We host homegrown video content, with unlimited availability, with data volumes and management. We have a strongdistribution network for videos, and;
  2. The stories we press can go up to the length we choose – “Unlimited”.

“We don’t have space constraints or word limits.”

“We are still a baby!” – but if you have seen babies these days, they are smarter and growing at an intellectual pace, we cannot match!

“Flip side” – Naah! None we can think of!

Share your content over to the desk at and we’d love to be on your lists for video asset distribution for our Videos section.

For story publishing on the platform
Write to: For video content production, distribution, film-making, & film-pitch
Write to: For official appointments
Enquiry: +91 7009554584 (INDIA)

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