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Revision #1: Planning Your Day at Work (Free Pockets) for Startups & Entrepreneurs ft. Param Kalra – In Suite Conversations (2019) | S01 E11 | RFE TV

Friday, 24th May 2019, Chandigarh | RFE TV 📺

Catch the recap of S01E11 : Free Pockets to effectively Plan Your Day at Work for Startups & Entrepreneurs ft. Param Kalra!

When you’re working around the clock to run a startup, every second counts towards making a difference between meeting your goals and falling short. It can also make the difference between having a life and lacking one.

If you understood the hacks to break the office monotony and enhance productivity at work, watch Param Kalra, Founder, Starthub Nation and Satnam Infosys, as he shares a pinch of Free Pockets to effectively plan your day at work for startups and entrepreneurs.

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