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Revision #2: 10 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make ft. Sunil Rawal – In Suite Conversations (2019) | S01 E08 | Entrepreneurship | RFE TV

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, Chandigarh | RFE TV 📺

Catch the recap of S01E08 : 10 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make ft. Sunil Rawal!

You have your business all set up and your idea is amazing. Yet, it doesn’t seem to grow as much as you had envisioned. What is it that doesn’t seem to be working?

First of all, breathe. Second, look unto yourself and trace your steps - was there even the slightest of mistakes? Yes?

Sunil Rawal, Co-founder and Business Head, Shoutlo and Uengage, is here to help you and lays out the basic mistakes that entrepreneurs should avoid in S01E08 of #InSuiteConversations!

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