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The Last Date – Award Winning Short Film | Punjabi | RFE

It might be a piece of land for many, but for a farmer its honor, pride & his life. The Last Date is an emotional journey of a son of the soil Ajeet coming back to his roots and about the tough choices he has to take.
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Film Summary

The sentimental attachment to the ancestral village weighs heavy on Ajeet’s mind but the choice in front of this non-resident Indian is to lose the land or his father’s life

Ajeet is one of the many non-resident Indians who leave their motherland to explore greener pastures abroad. Land, which is the pride of the family back in Punjab, has special sentimental value for this boy who has grown up in a rural setting. When time puts him in a testing situation to sell his sprawling fields for his ailing father’s treatment, would he be able to let go that easy? A day and a night story charts Ajeet’s journey of coming back to his roots and about the tough call he has to make between his father’s life and his father’s wish to honor the ancestral land!

Watch the conversation "Behind The Scenes" from the journey of the making of The Last Date with Abheyjiit Attri (Lead Actor), Ojaswwee Sharma (Director) and Surajj (Music Director).

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