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“Ungli Kar” has arrived! Watch the Video Now prepping the youth for the final round of the India Elections 2019

Ungli - General Indian Elections 2019 - RFE TV

Ungli - General Indian Elections 2019 - RFE TV

This General Election 2019 holds 90 crore Indian citizens to be eligible to vote this year.
This is your chance to decide your future and that of your fellow citizens.
You have the ultimate power to shape the destiny of your country.
You vote counts. Every vote counts.

By choosing not to vote, not only do you neglect your duty as an Indian citizen, but leave the fate of the country in the wrong hands.

Vote for a better India. The choice is yours.

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All Rights Reserved - Pinaka Mediaworks LLP - 2019
Production House - Pinaka Mediaworks LLP
Streaming Platform - Rolling Frames Entertainment
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Title - Ungli
Written & Directed By - Ojaswwee Sharma
Featuring - Swatantra Bharat (Voice), Ranjeet Pannu Vikas Mehta, Jigar Gill, Purva, Gurpreet Waraich, Nitasha
Post Production Design - Bhasker Pandey
Branding & Communication - Diveeja Sharma

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