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Planning Your Day at Work (Free Pockets) for Startups & Entrepreneurs ft. Param Kalra - In Suite Conversations (2019) | S01 E11 | RFE TV

Description :
Have you fallen into the daily rut of waking up, getting ready, often missing meals, commuting the same distance to your workplace and doing the same kind of work?

Here’s Param Kalra to the rescue with his #TipTuesday #Top10 points that can help you break the office monotony, rejuvenate your creativity and enhance productivity at work.

Hear it out from Param Kalra in S01 E11 of In Suite Conversations!

Planning to start your own business, but overwhelmed with the challenges? Catch Chandigarh's finest entrepreneurs guide you through your journey to success in our new series, In-Suite Conversations
Episodes begin 2nd April 2019, every Tuesday & Friday at 5:00 pm only on RFE TV.
Genre - Talk/Tips/Entrepreneur

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